Do you ever feel like there is 'something' missing in your game?

Maybe at times you have low levels of self confidence or you feel intimidated by others which leaves you feeling like you're not good enough.

Perhaps you sometimes struggle to manage your emotions, letting frustration or anger get the better of you which then affects your performance negatively.

Do you wish you could perform at your best more consistently?

Maybe you do well at training and possess the raw ability but when it comes to games or selection/trials, you hide away and don't show what you're capable of which leads to being overlooked by coaches, team mates and selectors.

Maybe you play well in one team but as soon as you step up to a higher level you start to panic under pressure making mistakes you don't usually make or you worry about letting your team down and tend to play it safe.

Sometimes we can get frustrated with things like umpiring decisions, when we make mistakes or it could be something to do with what others are doing or saying which often leaves us feeling helpless and can cause us to do things that we later regret.

These are just a couple of examples of some of the mental setbacks that people face.

If this sounds like you then don't worry, you have come to the right place.

The good news is that we can help you.

What is Beyond Skills Coaching?

Beyond Skills Coaching (BSC) is an educational training platform designed to help sports coaches and players/athletes get the most out of sport and to apply the lessons learn't from sport in life too, developing confident and mentally tough individuals.

Our mission is to teach sports players and coaches how to improve performance by developing a champions mind and body so that you feel confident, fit, fast and you perform to your potential consistently.

BSC was setup by Ex-International Hockey Player & Performance Coach, Lauren Penny.

Here's a short video on Lauren's story and inspirational message:

About Lauren Penny

After taking a gap year to England, Lauren ended up staying in the UK for 10 years (returning back to Cape Town in 2014). While living in the UK she got selected for the South African National Hockey Team.

She also captained the u19 South African Women's cricket team in 2005 and was part of the Kent women's cricket team in England that won the national league for two consecutive seasons (2009-11).

After struggling with various injuries she decided to turn her focus to performance coaching. With over 12 years experience in the field, coaching others to greatness has become her true passion.

Her unique gift is inspiring, motivating and helping others to be more confident, perform under pressure and develop the consistency required to reach higher levels of sport & life.

How Do We Develop Champions?

There are so many sports people with huge potential but many fall short of what they're capable of. The reason why is that most players do NOT develop the fundamental mental toughness skills and the champion mindset required in order to reach the next level.

We believe that it is up to each individual to be accountable for their own performance and develop the emotional intelligence which plays such a vital role in sport.

Players, coaches and parents need to learn and develop the necessary skills and get past the limiting beliefs and barriers that hold us all back from being truly great.

That is what Beyond Skills Coaching is all about and where we can help.

We go beyond the level of technical skills training, into what truly makes the biggest difference between a good player and a great player.

It's time to unleash the potential that is within you, even if you aren't aware of it yet.

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